Building Blocks (End 2013)

St. Catharines (RSS). According to Clayton Misener, managing director of Misener Private Holdings Corporation, 2013 was a success. "We enhanced our equity position and acquired some excellent technologies - building blocks for our future. We are in a great position for the coming year."

Buckshot Farms Aquired

Mulgrave (RSS). Misener Private Holdings Corporation has acquired control of Buckshot Farms Inc. (Est. 2009), the operator of a recently closed stables, agrarian farm and energy (natural gas) concern.

The land and some of the technologies developed to support the farm will become the focus of the company as it transitions to a new line of business. The preferred shareholder structure is not changed by this transaction.

Steckley Aquatics Founded

Niagara Falls (RSS). Misener Private Holdings Corporation was this day party to the organization and incorporation of, and has taken a minority equity position in, Steckley Aquatics Inc. (en) Steckley Aquatique Inc. (fr) and will participate in company governance, performing specific management functions.

The company was established to deliver highly specialized water safety, rescue, fitness and survival programs to law enforcement and military personnel. Programs will also be offered for civilian and fitness-focused families.

Hello! First RSS Broadcast.

St. Catharines (RSS). Welcome to the official RSS news feed for Misener Private Holdings Corporation, a privately owned holdings company and management services firm, recently incorporated. This is the first news item to be broadcast.