A Gift for WomEnchant

St. Catharines (RSS). Misener Private Holdings Corporation has gifted to WomEnchant Chorus & Drummers (www.womenchant.ca) a voice online - a fully-paid internet domain, lightning fast hosting on our servers, a real-time news presence, professional web design, back office systems applications and regular systems management services, all cost-free.

WomEnchant is a community ensemble with a feminist and social justice perspective.  "We are committed to performing music that reflects our commitment to peace, equality and respect for all people and the Earth." - WomEnchant Web Site.

Technology Investment in Frankfurt

Niagara Falls (RSS). Clayton Misener, managing director of Misener Private Holdings Corporation, today announced that the firm will be expanding its global computing capability by locating a network server and connectivity technology in Frankfurt, Germany.

"This will support the companies and future expansion plans," wrote Misener. Although the precise location is being kept secret over security concerns, the server will connect directly to very high-speed fibre-optic networks.

In addition to Frankfurt (1), Misener has servers placed in Montreal (2), Toronto (1) and an experimental server in Paris (1). Several other locations are being explored for future use, as we expand.