About Misener PHC

Misener Private Holdings Corporation is a privately owned holdings company and management services firm headquartered in Ontario, Canada.

We inspire performance excellence through effective and experienced leadership, the cost savings of shared corporate services and our dedicated, hard-working team of people - our greatest and most treasured asset.

Most of our companies are wholly owned; however, we do engage in partnerships and joint ventures from time to time, and many of the companies participate in the global economy, selling their products and services worldwide.

Misener Managed means that every company, division and brand is supported by a strong and powerful business apparatus, delivering business development, technology, financial management, customer service, human resources, and other expertise [more].

We operate an international infrastructure. We invest heavily into technology and take a global approach to selection and deployment, with key server facilities in Toronto, Montreal and Frankfurt (Germany).

This section explores Misener PHC in detail.


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