Corporate Conscience

Misener Private Holdings Corporation, its executives and directors, are constrained from certain acts by way of a corporate conscience enshrined into the Bylaws of the Corporation - specific rules that company managers and employees must follow.

"2.4 Corporate Conscience. The Corporation shall have and show a conscience, and the Directors and Officers are specifically charged to enact, embrace and enforce this, and all suppliers and contractors shall do the same, throughout the supply chain. The Corporation shall accord to the laws and customs of jurisdiction, and to those of Canada, and it will uphold and be guided by the values of integrity, respect, kindness and trust; courage, innovation, curiosity and industry; discipline, accountability, candor and humility. The Corporation commits to: (a) treating employees fairly; (b) keeping safety and security our top priority; (c) fair dealings with contractors, suppliers, investors, etc; (d) valuing our neighbours and communities; (e) treating animals and the environment with kindness and respect; (f) upholding zero-tolerance for child and human rights abuses; (g) abstinence from dealings that further crime, hate and terrorism; (h) being a good corporate citizen, in all respects."

For more information, write to:

Secretary of the Corporation
Misener Private Holdings Corporation
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