Our Global Community

Misener Private Holdings Corporation proudly contributes to making the world a better place - locally, nationally, internationally.

We do the right thing - always. Integrity above all. We subscribe to the principles of fair trade, mutually prosperous transactions, environmental stewardship and equality everywhere. Our leadership is constrained by a corporate conscious [more] enshrined into our charter and permeated throughout our entire organization, and our supply chain.

We have supported international and and development efforts [more]; sponsored women, children and families through bona fide relief organizations, often buying necessaries in bulk for distribution to villages without [more]; and we have gifted our services to community organizations that advance justice, equality and the good of the human state [more]. We also gift to schools, students, researchers and others advancing worthwhile pursuits.

We don't have a particular method, process or procedure for this; however, interested parties may wish to contact us in advance of formal correspondence.


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